Top 5 Tips for Updating your Bathroom Lighting on a Budget

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Home renovations can be a challenge, to say the least. But starting with a simple update to your bathroom can quickly take your home to the next level—and is easily done on a budget!

LED lighting is the way of the future. With all the choices out there, though, it can get overwhelming fast! Keep these tips in mind while shopping for light stores in Washington D.C. and beyond.

1. The Style

LED lighting has come a long way, and there are endless options for style and price point. One key thing to remember about LED lighting is that it won’t heat up your bathroom! LED lights are cool—both stylistically and in temperature. From light strips around mirrors to add that warm glow to recessed LED bulbs set in artistic designs, your new bathroom lighting can flow with the room like a piece of art (without the hefty price tag)!

2. The Price

No doubt that LED bathroom lighting can be beautiful, but is it really budget friendly? Absolutely!

The market for LED lighting has expanded quickly, lowering prices for both bulbs and fixtures dramatically over recent years. The old notion of “supply and demand” now ensures that you can find lovely LED light fixtures to suit your style and needs perfectly…and at a price point you can love as well. It’s the lighting of the future and a great way to accomplish a sleek home update on a budget.

3. The Glow Factor

LED lighting has evolved from the harsh washout, white lighting it once was to have a beautifully soft, glowing look and feel. You can rest assured that your bathroom won’t feel like a 1970’s office with fluorescent lighting when you upgrade to LED.

It’s cost effective and an innovative way to up-level your bathroom and home. By going to a lighting store and replacing a few light fixtures, you suddenly have the option of dimmable lighting, making bath time that much more relaxing.

4. The Efficiency

Going with LED is a highly energy efficient option for upgrading bathroom lighting on a budget. The Energy and Independence Act of 2007 was focused on reducing our reliance on foreign energy sources, and LED evolved as a solution for exactly that. While incandescent bulbs weren’t banned, new higher standards were set forcing the lighting industry to innovate by creating LED bulbs.LED dramatically reduces energy usage for homeowners, making it THE budget-friendly choice. It just so happens to be environmentally friendly as well. And if you have a smaller space, due to the efficiency packed into a smaller package, there are nice LED fixtures sure to fit.

5. The Capabilities

The newest home trend is connectivity—using apps and home automation systems to control nearly everything in your home. LED lighting gives you that added capability, making sure your home is on trend and up to date with the latest technology.
This can also save your budget in the long run…if you forget to turn out the bathroom lights, you can just click into the app to turn it off from anywhere! No more having to run after your kids and turning lights off as they leave rooms!
Take Your Bathroom to the Next Level
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