Custom Countertop Product Page

Custom Countertop Product Page


At A&S Home Interiors, we specialize in custom fabrication and installation of natural stone and quartz surfaces. We operate in-house and offer a wide selection of countertop options for both kitchen and bathrooms. We primarily provide options in granite, marble, limestone, quartzite, engineered stone, and porcelain surfaces. We offer multiple design and price options. If you’re looking for something different, we also carry a great selection of butcher block and wood countertop options.

The kitchen is often the focal point and favorite gathering place of many homes. At A&S Home Interiors, we know that creating the perfect kitchen gathering space for family and friends is priceless. You want to create the ideal kitchen, and we want to help you achieve your vision. Selecting the right countertops is an essential aspect of your overall kitchen or transformation. Don’t know where to start, or what countertop option is best for your wants and needs? To help you in your kitchen or even bathroom countertop selection process, check out the selection of countertop products we offer below.

Natural Stones

Natural stone countertops are not only affordable, but they also bring a touch of luxury to every kitchen. They are an extremely popular option in both residential and commercial kitchens as they are highly resistant to heat, scratching, cracking, and staining. No other material provides a combination of high-quality beauty with low maintenance upkeep. The only real upkeep with natural stone countertops is reapplying a sealant every six to twelve months. Natural stones should provide a lifetime of use and are an excellent investment, generally providing a higher resale value to your house.

Along with a higher resale value, natural stones are a sustainable resource that lessens our environmental footprint on the planet. Every natural stone is not only a hard and durable igneous rock, but each natural stone slab is also truly a unique piece of art. There are a variety of natural stone types to choose from. Some of the most popular types of natural stone countertops are granite, quartzite, marble, limestone, soapstone, and slate. 

Engineered Stones

Engineered stone is often simply referred to as quartz. The material is made from quartz crystals that are held together with a resin binder. Every piece of engineered stone is exactly the same, so what you see in the showroom is what will be in your kitchen. Engineered stones are often the ideal choice for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, tabletops, and more, as they never need sealing and are virtually spill-proof. Engineered stone countertops are easy to clean, are durable, will not stain, and are a very attractive countertop option.

There are a variety of engineered stone countertop types to choose from. Some of the most popular types of engineered stone countertops are quartz, Silestone, Caesarstone, Corian Quartz, and Cambria. Engineered stone counters are available in a variety of hues from Earth tones to rose to gray. The colors, styles, and patterns are nearly unlimited with engineered stone products. 

Porcelain Slabs 

A leader in the porcelain slab industry is the Laminam brand. Laminam produces incredible porcelain slabs that act as extremely durable countertops. Porcelain slabs are made out of non-porous ceramic clay, containing minerals such as kaolinite and silica. The natural mixture of materials in porcelain slabs are pressed and subject to a firing process of over 2,100 degrees Fahrenheit. This process makes porcelain slabs very resistant to wear as well as virtually scratch-proof and heat-proof.

Porcelain slabs are often utilized in outdoor kitchen spaces as they are resistant to UV light and completely waterproof. Porcelain can be made in virtually any color or pattern and can either be glazed or unglazed. Popular finish types of porcelain slabs are matte and high-gloss glaze. Ultimately, porcelain slab countertops are very low maintenance and allow for a wide range of customization, such as wood texture, marble, or metal. 

Butcher Block Tops 

Butcher block countertops are an affordable countertop option consisting of strings of wood glued together to form a slab. Grothouse is a leader in the butcher block tops industry. They produce solid wood countertops crafted from a virtual forest of wood choices, with every piece being custom-made in the USA. Grothouse has a variety of edge profiles and design options to choose from. Grothouse butcher block countertops are also sealed with Grothouse Original Oil™ and the exclusive Durata® Finish. This combination not only provides a protective waterproof surface but also provides a sanitary food preparation surface for years of use. When appropriately sealed, butcher block countertops are waterproof, heat-resistant, sanitary, and extremely durable.

An added bonus is that most butcher block countertops are recyclable. Butcher block countertops are available in a variety of wood and hue types, from light woods to dark woods. Some of the most popular types of butcher block countertops are cherry, bamboo, maple, walnut, oak, wenge, teak, ash, white oak.


Take Your Kitchen or Bathroom To The Next Level With The Help Of Your Local Remodel Experts 

Are you ready to take your kitchen or bathroom to the next level? Visit our store today and let our interior design experts help you transform your kitchen into a one of a kind meeting place for your family and friends or your bathroom into a relaxing oasis. The store is located at 7001 Newington Rd, Suite 1 Lorton, VA 22079. Our design center is by appointment only with operating hours 8:30 am to 5 pm every Monday – Friday and 10 am to 3:30 pm on Saturdays. 

At A&S Home Interiors, we are a family run business with a combined experience of over 45 years in the industry. Let our family assist your family today. We look forward to helping you upgrade your home while creating the new kitchen or bathroom you have been envisioning. Contact us today for a free estimate or feel free to call us at 703-214-7406. We look forward to hearing from you today and assisting you with creating the home of your dreams. 


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Custom Countertop Product Page

At A&S Home Interiors, we specialize in custom fabrication and installation of natural stone and quartz surfaces. We operate in-house and offer a wide selection of countertop options for both kitchen and bathrooms.