Terms and Conditions

A&S Terms and Condition

Payment Terms:

  1. We require a 50% deposit with a signed contract before any measurements will be scheduled, any material will be held, or fabrication will begin on all slab orders.
  2. Final balance due upon final Delivery/Installation.
  3. All terms and conditions of the A&S Invoice & Contract control the relationship between A&S Sales, Inc. and the Customer. Please review the terms and conditions prior to executing the contract.

Limited Warranty

  1. Limited 10-year warranty only applies to defects in workmanship attributed to the installation process. All other warranties, except for the warranty of title, whether express or implied, do not exist under this contract.
  2. In order for any warranty to attach to installed materials all substrate elements or supporting structures must be within industry tolerances.
  3. Limited 10-year warranty shall not apply to any goods that have been repaired or altered by anyone other than Seller.
  4. The limited warranty shall not apply to any goods subject to misuse due to common negligence or accident, nor to any goods made by Seller that are not used in accordance with the printed instructions of Seller.
  5. All warranty issues regarding sinks, faucets, fixtures, cabinetry or sealers must be made to the original manufacture.


* Above terms and conditions apply to kitchen and bath countertop orders and installations only.