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Custom Glass Tiles for your Home

Glass tile has increased in popularity over the last decade, largely because it adds so much charm to a room. Used in mosaics as early as 2500 BC, glass is a form of decorative art that seems timeless. Today glass tile is used for flooring, walkways, showers, backsplashes, and more, and can easily be used in exterior or interior settings to add noticeable glamour.

Benefits of Glass Tiles

When you include glass tiles in your kitchen or bathroom, you’re choosing to work with a material that offers endless color and design opportunities. It brings a surplus of variety that can be personalized to make your room pop with your unique personality.

Defining Qualities

color ranges

Maintenance Notes

Design tips for Glass Tiles

The exciting thing about glass tiles is that they’re easy to mix and match for one-of-a-kind interior design elements. Consider mix sizes, shapes, and colors, or doing decorative glass tile lines amid stone tiling projects for extra personality.

Colors & Patterns

Decorative Edges

Care Tips for Glass Tiles
The exciting thing about glass tiles is that they are a lot like working with any other glass surface. Certain colors will show smudges or dirt more than others, but it’s easy to keep them clean and mildew-free.
  • You can maintain glass tile by using soap and water to clean it.
  • They will also stand up to other chemical cleaners.
  • Glass is not porous and doesn’t soak in water or other liquids, so you don’t have to worry about molds and bacteria growing on it.
  • This makes cleaning even easier.
A quick wipe down periodically is all you need to keep your glass tiles looking like new for years to come.

Ready to See If Glass Tiles Might Be Right for Your Project?

If you’re ready to begin hunting for that perfect countertop choice, contact A&S Home Interiors with any questions you may have. Our team of experts in Lorton VA will help you compare your natural stone options to determine what will best fit your needs and budget. Set up an appointment to visit our showroom today.

Glass Tiles in Lorton Va

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