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In addition to our custom natural stone and quartz services, we offer a vast selection of fine porcelain, ceramic, glass, and natural stone tile. We can help you find the perfect tile design for your space and the right price for your budget. We help you select the ideal materials and finishes for tile flooring and backsplashes, so you can level up your dream bathroom or kitchen project in one place.

When you’re ready to transform blueprints into reality, A&S is here to help. To learn more about all the tile and design options that we have to offer, schedule a tour of our Showroom. We encourage all homeowners, contractors, and designers to explore the wide variety of tile options we have in stock and discover the outstanding service we can offer as your dedicated project partner. Our passion is helping you transform your home into a haven.

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Porcelain Tile: Elegant, Low Maintenance & Built to Last

Porcelain tile is made from a combination of clay and other natural materials that are blended and fired in a furnace to create a uniform, non-porous tile. As our most popular tile material, porcelain makes an excellent flooring option for spaces that experience fluctuating temperatures and need a tough, wear-resistant quality. A beautiful, low-maintenance option, porcelain tile does not require any special sealing and is built to last. The typical lifecycle of porcelain tile is over 50 years.

Porcelain tile brings a luxurious, elegant finish to any space—whether indoor, outdoor, kitchen or bath. Even in high-traffic areas where groups gather and daily routines unfold, porcelain tile is up to the job and maintains its original beauty year after year. Its non-porous quality helps it withstand even cold outdoor temperatures without the risk of absorbing water. Because porcelain tile has the same color throughout the material, a small chip on the surface will not be as noticeable. While porcelain tile classic for a reason, it can take on a unique look in any home—even stone, wood, or cement styles. Marble attaché, bee hives, and season wood porcelain tile are just a few of the porcelain tile options you will find in our Showroom.

Natural Stone Tile: Elegant & Versatile

Natural stone tile brings sophistication to any space, and our extensive selection of materials, colors, and shapes ensure that your home feels like a unique reflection of you. Some of our most popular natural stone tile types are marble, slate, granite, limestone, and travertine.

A&S provides expert advice on the proper maintenance for natural stone tile, including sealing treatments help to preserve the material for decades. It makes for a beautiful and durable option.

Ceramic Tile: Fire-Hardened Beauty that Resists Dust & Moisture

At A&S Home Interiors, we also offer a variety of ceramic tiles made of thin slabs of clay or other inorganic materials. These are hardened through a firing process, so they can withstand traffic in any room of the house, from bathrooms to kitchens and mudrooms, without losing their natural beauty. It is often considered a more flexible material for detailed designs that draw attention with bold or colorful patterns. The moisture-resistant finish makes them a popular choice for both shower surfaces and backsplashes. In outdoor areas and mudrooms, their dust-resistant quality helps to keep the space clean. Ceramic tile is easy to care for and stain resistant, making it a great choice for adding long-term value to your home.

Glass Tile: Hundreds of Low-Maintenance and Sustainable Options

Glass tile comes in a multitude of shapes and color variations for a unique finish. We often recommend iridescent, pearlescent, marbled, and shiny finishes for glass tiles to create a trendy, contemporary aesthetic. Mosaic tile designs are also a popular choice, revered for their shine, dimension, and low-maintenance care. Glass tile continues to grow in popularity for backsplashes and showers because it is an eco-friendly material that does not absorb moisture. Mild soap and water are all that is needed to keep glass tile in pristine condition.

Featured Products

Season Wood™

Wood on the bathroom floor!? Now you can have the beauty of wood in a durable tile.

Marble Attache™

Prepare to be Amazed! Daltile’s latest technology & finishes create beautiful interpretations of the finest marble from around the world, with ease of porcelain tile.

Bee Hive™

Tough enough for kids and pets yet beautiful enough for grown-ups in the house. Come in to learn more about Bee Hive, a trend-setting porcelain sure to impress and enliven any floor and wall in your home.

Season Wood™

Combine the detailed and natural elegance of hardwood with the durability of tile.

Marble Attache™

Daltile’s latest technology & finishes evoke finest marble from around the world, with the added ease and durability of porcelain tile.

Bee Hive™

Resilient enough for daily life with kids and pets, this elegant porcelain tile adds sophisticated detail to any home surface.


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