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Limestone is a natural stone formed from calcium carbonate. It’s a sedimentary rock known for its ability to solidify from minerals and chemicals mixing, and has an extremely porous exterior. Compared to other natural stone countertops, Limestone is most often found in variations of whites and off-whites, but you can find unique speckles of golds and beige depending on what additional minerals have mixed into it when the stone originally forms. This variety makes it an eye-grabbing option for home renovation projects.

Benefits of Limestone

Limestone is a gem when it comes to countertop selections. Its natural beauty and primarily ivory hues mean it can easily blend in with any room and décor.

Defining Qualities

color ranges

Maintenance Notes

Heat-Resistance Notes

Design tips for Limestone Countertops

Limestone offers a lot of versatility in terms of design options, but the shimmer throughout its composition makes it eye-catching for any bathroom or kitchen remodel project. Best of all, it can be used for floor and backsplash tiles as well as countertops. This leaves ample options for waterfall-style designs and show-stopping accent walls.

Colors & Patterns

Decorative Edges

Care Tips for Limestone Surfaces
Limestone will require more maintenance than other natural stone countertops, but that care will pay off in the longevity of the stone. It can last for decades with proper attention.
  • Limestone tends to soak in any liquids left on it for long periods of time, which can lead to staining.
  • The good news is you can use soap and warm water to clean spills off with ease.
  • Chemical-based cleaners may harm or stain your countertops, however.
You may need to reseal limestone every year to maintain its sleek look, but the result will be a protected surface you will love for years to come.

Ready to See If Limestone Might Be Right for Your Project?

If you’re ready to begin hunting for that perfect countertop choice, contact A&S Home Interiors with any questions you may have. Our team of experts in Lorton VA will help you compare your natural stone options to determine what will best fit your needs and budget. Set up an appointment to visit our showroom today.

Limestone Countertops in Lorton Va

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