5 Kitchen Trends for 2021 and Beyond

Kitchens have undergone a drastic shift in the last year or two, creating some interesting kitchen trends that you simply have to check out. 

As the world focused on safety and health, the kitchen’s role as heart of the home was reimagined. Cooking and family meals once again became a highlight of the day. Homeowners prioritized kitchen renovations so they could enhance the experience and add fine dining luxury to their homes. 

How does this translate into kitchen trends you can adopt? We’ve come up with our favorite kitchen trends of 2021 that have staying power. Early adopters of these trends are going to earn the envy of their friends, but even better, they’re going to be able to create that elevated home dining experience that they can enjoy together with loved ones for years to come.

Waterfall Edge Countertops

Dramatic marble countertops are getting a lot of attention these days, with bold veining being the most sought-after look. But you don’t need to go with marble if you want an eye-catching waterfall edge countertop. At A&S, we see waterfall countertops made of all materials, and the results are completely amazing. It makes us wonder why this wasn’t the style all along.

The goal of a waterfall countertop is to create a focal point in the room that extends the lines down and onto the floor, bringing up the luxury quotient significantly. Just adding this one trend alone can give your space a fresh look and elegant finish.

For a really dramatic look, we suggest using a waterfall countertop that has a different appearance from your other counters. Whether you decide to use contrasting colors or a different material entirely, the effect is bold and elegant.

Integrated Cabinetry

Sleek lines with a distinctly modern vibe ooze luxe charm, and this can easily be accomplished with integrated cabinetry. As a bonus, you get a bit more storage without taking up more wall space. 

If you’re willing to go all-in with a wall of built-in cabinets, you will lose some counter space, so that kitchen island becomes even more important. But the results of committing to this look are incredibly streamlined and fresh.

Taking this look a step further, which we expect to see more of in the coming years, integrated appliances are hidden in clever nooks and behind cupboard doors to create an even more mod finish. The completely integrated kitchen is definitely coming soon.

Organic Style

Modern organic style is on the rise and melds an interesting approach to organic that we haven’t seen before. This fresh take is a delight and creates a fresh, clean look that’s still warm and nature-infused.

In the past, organic often meant a more enclosed feeling with warmth in tone and texture combined with an attention to smaller details, intricate veining, lots of greenery, and even scrollwork meant to replicate vines. It often read as bohemian and earthy, almost the opposite of modern and sleek.

Today’s version puts a focus on wood (thus the rise of the butcher block counter), dramatic veining in marble and similar natural stone materials, brushed metals for a softer feel, and a priority on natural light. The goal is to play up natural elements while still maintaining a luxurious and seamless finish.

Dyed Marble and Colorized Quartzite

We’ll be the first to admit that saying dyed marble and colorized quartzite is a trend immediately after we detailed the organic style trend feels a little strange. And can you have the two together? Yes, you most definitely can, but it takes some finesse. 

So, what are dyed marble and colorized quartzite? You don’t need to play 20 questions to get this answer right; it’s just what it sounds like – marble that is dyed and quartzite that is colored. 

These two countertop materials have always been highly desirable for different reasons, but the overwhelming result is a dramatic and luxe finished product. Coloring them simply adds to their charm and gives your space a novel and customized appearance. 

If you want a nature-inspired space with colored counters, the solution is to opt for warm and subtle tones. But, on the other side of the spectrum, going bold and adding a real zing of color to your counters can take your kitchen from modern to mod in a heartbeat.

Tile Everywhere

Tile floors are an effortless choice for the kitchen; they’re durable, easy to clean, and they stand up to a lot of abuse while continuing to look amazing. A tile backsplash has also become a must in the modern kitchen. So maybe it’s no surprise that tile is starting to show up on countertops and entire walls are getting the tile treatment. 

The real trick to working with a lot of tile is to dive deep into variety. Using all the same size tiles throughout your kitchen can quickly look outdated and it can be very disturbing to the eye. Play with using huge 24-square inch tiles on the floor or on the accent wall while opting for small, one-inch hexagons for your backsplash. Likewise, explore your texture and color options to make the most impact.

Final Thoughts

There is one thing that all of the kitchen trends of 2021 have in common; they involve committing to the trend and not playing it safe. The reality is that luxury is more about commitment and embracing the trend of the moment with the knowledge that you’ll be renovating sometime in the future. 

That’s not to say that you can’t incorporate some of these trends in a “safe” way and tone them down so they’re more lasting and versatile. This is certainly an option and might be the right choice for you. But there’s something very exciting about giving yourself permission to follow the trends that inspire and captivate you. 

If you have an idea for your kitchen renovation or you simply want inspiration, stop in at A&S Home Interiors. You can browse on your own or check in with one of our staff and we’ll help you get that renovation started.

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