Countertop Color Trends

What’s the trendiest kitchen countertop color for 2021? At A&S, we’re seeing a lot of demand for quartz countertops. Interestingly, the most popular quartz counters are ones that have a dramatic marble appearance but land on the lighter end of the color spectrum. Light grey, white, and soft beige seem to be colors that are gaining momentum, but they’re not all we’re seeing.

The kitchen is one of the most popular rooms for renovations, especially post-quarantine as people recenter their lives around indoors and their kitchens. It’s no wonder so many families are looking for an upgrade.

Doing a kitchen remodel is a lot of work and often involves a pretty big budget, which is why it’s a great idea to do a little research before making any decisions. One big consideration is color because a countertop is most likely going to be with you for a very long time. You can change your wall colors relatively easily, but you want a counter that you’re going to love well into the future. You also want it to look luxe and modern. Nobody wants to do a remodel and find out they’ve selected out-of-date counters. Let’s look at what’s trending, so you know where to start your search.

As we mentioned, this is what a lot of our customers are asking for. They like quartz’s luxe look; it’s durable and requires virtually no maintenance. But probably the biggest plus for quartz this season is that it’s a manufactured product (unlike quartzite, which is natural stone), so you can find an abundance of colors and patterns.

So that brings us back to the color question and homeowners leaning toward lighter hues. Lighter colors in a kitchen are very practical because they open up the space visually and make it seem larger. They also have a “clean” appearance, almost sterile. And, a big plus, they don’t show crumbs as much as darker colors. 

While there are a ton of pattern options, the sweeping drama of marble is getting a lot of attention. Marble patterns keep the counter looking bold and vibrant without straying too far from the selected color palette. 

Natural and Recycled Wood
Another big trend in countertops right now is the natural look of wood. Large, thick, and chunky butcher blocks are definitely trending. Taking that a step further, people are opting to cover all of their cabinets with luxe-looking wood.

Interestingly, we’re not seeing a lot of light wood choices—it seems like mid-brown tones are preferred. Wood counters instantly add warmth and soften some of the more sterile-looking elements like white cabinets and stainless steel. It’s a stylish update that’s certainly gaining ground. We think this trend is going to stick around, and demand is growing for more recycled or reclaimed wood.

White or Off-White
The popularity of white and off-white countertops isn’t going anywhere. They’re actually gaining in popularity as people are embracing dark cabinet colors (blues and greens) and want the white counters to contrast and brighten up the kitchen. It’s a classic, fashionable look that can be accomplished with many different materials, as anything from porcelain to granite looks great with a white or a slightly warmer off-white tone.

Bold-Hued Tile
Tile might be more popular in the home today than ever, so it’s no surprise tile has moved back up to the countertop. There’s so much flexibility in color choices, and it seems like that’s what homeowners want. Bold printed and hand-painted tiles are very trendy, with classic checkerboard patterns coming back around and many different tile shapes used with contrasting colors for a dramatic effect. If you’re serious about making your countertops a colorful showstopper, then it almost has to be tile.

While tile offers a lot of opportunity for customized looks and different colors, blues and greens are what’s trending. These two colors have become big throughout the house but especially in the kitchen. 

Blue (All Shades)
Did we mention blue? Let’s touch on it again, as it’s the color of the kitchen this year, and that’s probably going to last for some time. Whether you lean toward a barely-there aqua blue or a bold navy, if it’s possible to incorporate it into a kitchen, homeowners are doing it. We’ll admit, we haven’t seen any full navy counters (yet), but the other shades of blue are cropping up, and we’ve seen some interesting takes on blue counters or blue island countertops from our very creative local designers.

Final Thoughts
Overall, if you’re looking for something more conservative with almost guaranteed longevity, a marble-look quartz counter in a soft white is your best bet. If you want a bold statement counter that grabs everyone’s attention, hand-painted tiles in a custom print are sure to do just that. For everyone in between, white, natural wood, and blue are solid choices that can help your kitchen transformation be a smashing success.

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Countertop Color Trends

What’s the trendiest kitchen countertop color for 2021? At A&S, we’re seeing a lot of demand for quartz countertops. Interestingly, the most popular quartz counters are ones

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