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5 Ways to Beautify Your Bathroom Using Beehive Tiles

Is your bathroom looking a little lackluster? Have you been considering a renovation, or are you planning to start one in the near future? 

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re probably flipping through all the best home interior magazines and perusing all the top websites looking for ideas. One of the latest remodel trends for 2020 is beehive tiles — also known as hex tiles — in the bathroom. These six-sided tiles offer versatility in size, color, and uses, and the result is a classy design that will be a show stopper for years to come. 

You can design your new bathroom to include as many or as few beehive tiles as fits your home’s style, either using them in a single area or in a variety of spaces. You’re only limited by your imagination!

Here are some tips for what to consider when installing beehive tiles to beautify your bathroom during your next remodel.

  1. You Need the Right Beehive Tile Sizes
  2. Know Your Beehive Color Scheme
  3. Location: Where to Use Beehive Tiles
  4. Choosing the Right Beehive Tile Materials
  5. Use Beehive Tiles to Create Special Effects

1. You Need the Right Beehive Tile Sizes 

Hex tiles come in various sizes, from as small as a quarter to as large as a grapefruit. Using smaller hex tiles creates a more detailed look that draws the eye, while opting for larger beehive tiles results in a more seamless design. The options here are endless. 

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There is one thing to note, however: It would be very difficult to mix sizes since the tiles’ edges must fit into each other, but you could easily do so if you’re planning to use them in separate, defined spaces. You might use large beehive tiles on the walls of your shower and then choose smaller ones for your floor, for example. Each size brings a different vibe and overall look to your bathroom, so you might want to get samples and place them in the spaces you’re considering before purchasing. 

2. Know Your Beehive Color Scheme

Whether you are dreaming of a bathroom with clean, crisp colors — including primarily white tones with touches of light, cool grays — or a princess-pink powder room, beehive tiles can help make your dreams a reality. The nice thing with beehive tile is that not all of them are single tiles that require tedious application processes. Many come in easy-install sheets in almost any color under the rainbow. Some combine hex tiles of the same color palette but lighter and darker hues, such as three or four shades of blue, while others are a single color, like all white or all charcoal gray. 

It’s important to know which color scheme you want (and whether you want all one hue or multiple hues) before purchasing beehive tiles for your bathroom remodel project. It’s also important to know if you want solid hex tiles or those with more intricate details. Some have multiple colors or patterns printed on each to create a dramatic, detailed feel in your bathroom. You can also play with grout colors for a unique design. 

3. Location: Where to Use Beehive Tiles

Tile has long been a popular choice for floors, and you’re used to seeing it there, but hex tiles offer you the design versatility to use them in other parts of your bathroom. You don’t need to settle for a drop-in shower made from fiberglass or acrylic, and can instead do something more unique and upscale when you renovate your bathroom. 

You can create almost any look you want with hex tiles, and they can be applied to almost any smooth surface to create an accent wall or to add a backsplash surrounding your tub. Imagine a shower stall with small beehive tiles on the floor, for example, and larger ones in a complementary color on the walls. Such design elements obviously give you more color options than a drop-in shower — and far more opportunities to create a stunning feature you’ll be excited to use every day. 

4. Choosing the Right Beehive Tile Materials

As with any other building or ornamental material, what your hex tiles are made from makes a big difference — in how it looks after it’s installed, how it feels under your feet and hands, and in determining the price for the amount you need. Beehive tiles come in various materials (some naturally matte, others that lean toward glossy) and price points. What you choose depends on your home’s style, personal taste, and budget. 

wengang zhai RJKf13cxXMc unsplash

Those looking for glossy or shiny hex tiles might opt for glass versions, but they also come in natural stone such as marble, slate, granite, and soapstone. These can remain natural for a rougher look or be polished to provide a gloss finish. The natural colors make stone beehive tiles popular, but the material is also more expensive. Porcelain and ceramic options are also popular but more budget-friendly. 

5. Use Beehive Tiles to Create Special Effects

Want your bathroom to have a wow factor? Hex tiles can help you make that happen. You can use them to create special effects on your bathroom floor, shower walls, and feature walls, like checkerboard patterns or impressive borders. You might consider combining beehive tiles with other styles in one area, using subway tiles on the shower walls for the first four feet, creating a border, and then using hex tiles for the rest of the space. Or, you might use predominantly medium-to-large white hex tiles with pops of colors in the mix. The sky’s the limit.

Let’s Get Started on Your Bathroom Remodel with Beehive Tiles

When you’re ready to commit to beehive tiles as part of your bathroom model, it’s time to speak with the experts about how to bring your dreams from concept to reality. At A&S Home Interiors, our expert team of design professionals is always here to help you select the materials and layouts that will best fit your style and budget.

Contact us today to talk to our designers or visit our Lorton Virginia showroom for more ideas and to get answers to all your bathroom remodel and beehive tiles-related questions. We can’t wait to hear from you and help you get started!

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