Countertop & Tile Pairings and Tips That Make Bathroom Upkeep Easier

Let’s be honest, cleaning bathrooms is not fun. From the deep scrubbing around the toilet and the awkward shower cleaning to all of the picking up that’s involved. Unfortunately, if you don’t stay on top of it, your bathroom can look like a whirlwind blew through it in a very short period of time.

What if you could cut down on your bathroom upkeep just by remodeling it? Sounds too good to be true, right? But it’s not. Today’s tile and countertop pairings can be an absolute dream, in form and function. Add a few key tips to keep in mind, and your beautiful new bathroom can be a breeze to clean.

Ceramic Tile
We simply love the fresh, clean look of ceramic tiles—but it’s so much more than that. These beauties are made of thin slabs of clay or inorganic materials and are hardened through a firing process which makes them incredibly durable. Additionally, the moisture-resistant finish—meaning they’re less likely to develop mold and mildew—makes them a dream in the bathroom. Not only that, they’re dust resistant, too.

Glass Tiles
If you’re worried about cleaning glass tiles, don’t. They are extremely low maintenance. With eco-friendly materials that don’t absorb moisture, the only cleaning required is mild soap and water. That’s all—and they’ll hold their fantastic look for years. Additionally, modern glass tiles come in a huge variety of colors, shapes, finishes, and other nuances that are nothing like the glass tiles of the past. There are so many cool, unique glass tile choices to choose from and our showroom is filled with reno-inspiring options. 

Porcelain Tile & Slab Countertops
There’s a reason porcelain is a bathroom staple—the gold standard for toilets and sinks. Incredibly durable, long-lasting, scratch-proof, heat-proof – it’s basically ideal. A perfect match for spaces that experience highly fluctuating temperatures, like your bathroom. It’s also non-porous, so it won’t absorb moisture and keeps it from developing mold and mildew—meaning you spend less time cleaning. All those traits are why porcelain tile and countertops are becoming more common in bathrooms. Going beyond the practical aspects, this is a luxe, elegant finish that’s an instant classic. It’s not just long-lasting; the look is timeless.

Quartz Counters
Quartz countertops are very popular in the bath and there are no signs of that changing. Quartz doesn’t require sealing, it easily withstands bathroom messes, it wipes clean in most situations, and it’s unquestionably a luxe option. In addition, because quartz is an engineered stone, it comes in a huge array of colors and styles so you can find exactly what you’ve dreamed of. 

No Reveal Undermounted Sink
Having your sink mounted under your countertop is a sleek, modern look. The bonus to having a no reveal installation means there is a flush mount between the side of the sink and the counter, so it’s a breeze to keep clean. This does take mounting skill and expertise, but it’s worth it for aesthetic and ease-of-cleaning purposes.

Less Grout 
Most countertop edging options are just as easy to clean as the counter itself, which is great. But chiseled, rockface, raw, or natural edges can be a bit more problematic. These irregular edging techniques have a dramatic and cool quality, yet can easily collect germs and dirt, making them harder to clean. For a bathroom, we suggest an edging that’s sleek, smooth, and easy to wipe down.

To learn more, stop by our showroom, and the A&S team will be happy to show you and assist with tile and counter options. We have everything you need to create the beautiful yet effortlessly clean bathroom you really want. 

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