Five Bathroom Design Trends for 2021

Your bathrooms are typically the smallest rooms in the house but that doesn’t diminish their impact. Bathroom renovations bring a lot of possibilities, ranging from purely functional to luxurious spa-like settings. And the design aesthetic surrounding your bath covers just as much ground, if not more. 

Bathroom trends for 2021 are definitely a reflection of a post-quarantine world with a focus on cleanliness, but there is also an underlying sense of simplicity and minimalism with bold flourishes. Let’s take a look at the top five.

Quartz Countertops
You’ll discover “easy-to-clean” and “antimicrobial” are the keywords when redecorating a bathroom, which might be part of the reason quartz countertops are getting so much attention. We’re seeing it in our A&S showroom as our interior design partners, homeowners, and commercial contractors gravitate towards quartz. And, while quartz is a durable material known for being scratch and stain resistant, it’s also nonporous, meaning it’s less likely to foster bacteria in damp spaces—like bathrooms. 

Another reason quartz is a great choice for the bathroom is the worry-free aspect. There’s no sealing needed to protect from water damage and stains. Cosmetics, toothpaste, and even the heat from curling irons won’t cause any harm to a quartz surface. It’s simply a great bathroom option.

Quartz is a manufactured product using the natural mineral quartz in raw form but also incorporating resin binders to form a solid slab. The best part of this process for the homeowner is customization— you can get the look of other stones, pick a color you’d like, and even get slabs in specific shapes. 

Large Wall Tiles
The overall move toward big statement pieces and cleaner, flowing lines has hit bathroom walls in an interesting way. And walls aren’t the only thing affected by the “bigger is better” mindset with tile.

Most trends ebb and flow in dramatic ways. If one trend is tiny, the next will be huge and that’s exactly what’s happening in bathroom tile. Small mosaic tiles are becoming less important (although they’re not going away entirely) as large tiles take center stage. 

The main place to see this small to large shift is in the bath and shower areas. There’s actually a very practical reason for this and it all goes back to cleanliness and fewer bacteria. The grout or spaces between tiles can be difficult to clean and that’s where bacteria tend to cluster. By using large tiles, you cover more space with a solid slab, this giving germs fewer spots to hide.

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Easy to Clean Surfaces and Antimicrobial Fixtures
We’re going to make a prediction that won’t surprise anyone: technology is going to play a huge part in homes of the future. Heck, anyone who watched The Jetsons decades ago knew it was coming eventually. Well, we’re starting to see that shift in the bathroom with smart toilets. One of the germiest places in the house, the toilet is the first stop in efforts to have a cleaner bathroom. Look for models that have hands-free components, self-cleaning technology, and bacteria-killing lights under the lid.

Toilets aren’t the only way to incorporate a germ-free element into your bathroom. We’ve already touched on quartz countertops, and we’ll add to that fixtures and other surfaces with antimicrobial agents incorporated in them, fewer corners, and more solid surface construction to prevent the accumulation of dirt, as well as sensor-activated lights, toilets, and faucets.

The interesting thing about surfaces, toilets, tubs, and fixtures with an antimicrobial element is their sleek lines which creates an almost futuristic feel in the room. It easily lends itself to the minimalist look we mentioned and definitely takes a giant step away from small decorative elements and into bold flourishes for impact.

Floating Vanities
As long as we’re talking about countertops, we should mention the vanities that typically lie underneath them because there is a big trend happening here. The floating vanity is all about crisp lines and a gravity-defying look. Traditional vanities were basically floor cabinets used for storage and hiding plumbing. Today you don’t need as much space to disguise plumbing, so vanities have risen off the ground creating bathroom floors with a smoother, more cohesive look. 

The appearance of a hovering vanity, especially one that has a heavy countertop, has a futuristic vibe that is a fresh take on a traditional bathroom necessity. This makes it an easy option for a modern bathroom with a streamlined aesthetic, focus on cleanliness, and smart technology. And don’t forget the touch-free sensor faucets.

Backlit Mirrors
If you’re seeking out a bathroom trend you can incorporate today to update the look of your bathroom without spending a lot or going through a renovation, then a backlit mirror is the answer. It seems like such a little thing, but it creates a big impact.

Backlit mirrors offer ambient lighting without glare and many of them are adjustable so you can use multiple settings. Low sets the mood for relaxing in the tub while bright is good for putting on makeup without glare from an overhead fixture. 

Backlit mirrors also create an interesting visual perspective that makes the mirror appear to be floating in front of the wall. Yes, it’s that magical floating quality again, and this is a delightfully small way to bring a little futuristic element to your bathroom. 

Final Thoughts
If you’re considering a bathroom reno or simply want to see how technology and antimicrobial elements are impacting bathroom designs, by all means, stop in our showroom. Our helpful A&S staff is here to show you the latest and greatest in bathroom trends or simply point you in the right direction and let you explore on your own.

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