Five Kitchen Décor Ideas for 2021

Kitchens have always been the hub of the home, which means they’ve also been a hotspot for trends. Through the years, kitchen trends have made some dramatic swings, sometimes into uncharted realms and sometimes back to styles that have retro appeal. What are the current kitchen décor trends of 2021? Some might surprise you and others you probably saw coming. Let’s take a look.

Colored Cabinets
After years of crisp white kitchens being the standard, a change is sweeping in: colored cabinets. Not only are people opting to replace their wood or white cabinets with something that packs a colorful punch, but we’re seeing different shades for top and bottom cabinets, accent colors on islands, and non-wood materials. 

We hear green is going to be the next big thing in kitchens, but at our A&S showroom, we’re seeing blue at the top of a lot of wish lists. 

For those of you who are dreaming of grey cabinets for your kitchen, you might want to revise your wish. While gray was a fun trend for the last few years, it seems like homeowners are looking to cheerier colors and taking bigger risks, which means they’re straying from neutrals.

Living Walls
With so much time spent outside in 2020, is it any wonder people are looking to bring Mother Nature inside? Not only that, but we think the idea of growing your own herbs inside the house is ingenious, cool, fun, and fresh. We’ve even seen some tile and ceramic companies getting in on the game and making ceramic pots that are designed to be part of a tile wall. You can line several together or space them out to create the effect you want. You can even have planters built onto your cabinets to create a living wall effect without actually giving up wall space. 

A 1970s kitchen simply wasn’t complete without at least one wall covered in bold and eye-catching wallpaper. Yes, this look is coming back and in a big way. Don’t panic—the retro colors of harvest gold and avocado green are not. But a statement wall featuring a bold print is a hot trend in the kitchen today—and why not? The kitchen you remember from childhood is probably a place packed with wonderful memories and good feelings. Recapturing that look reminds us of simpler times and puts a smile on our faces. 

As a side note, it’s not just wallpaper that’s gone retro; you’re going to start seeing more mid-century modern pieces showing up as accents, accessories, or even focal points in the kitchen.

Tile Walls
We get it—you’re just not into wallpaper, and that’s why a tile wall is exactly what your kitchen needs. Wall drama is a huge trend, so much so that three of the top five things we’re seeing people flock to are wall renovations. While a traditional subway tile wall is a good start and a clean, timeless look, there’s a lot more out there right now, and most of it has next-level drama. 

Speaking of subway tiles, we’ve seen them segue into a geometric masterpiece that mixes colors and shapes together. There are built-in tile planters, handcrafted accent tiles, bold colors and shapes that are mixed together—the more unexpected, the more interesting the finished wall is.

Industrial Accents
While farmhouse chic was the huge trend of the last decade or so, people are now starting to move away from that. We’re not sure whether they’re looking for a more sterile kitchen or they just want to get away from farmhouse; maybe it’s a combination, but industrial and metal are making a big splash. Homeowners are exploring metal countertops, metal islands, metal tables and chairs—we’ve even seen a few metal cabinets move out of the commercial kitchen and into homes. In addition to metal, we’ve noticed an uptick in glass and concrete countertops, too.

Which Trend Speaks Most Loudly to You
There are ways to incorporate each into your home without breaking your budget. It just requires a little creativity and a scaled-down approach. Our staff at A&S Home Interiors would be happy to help you fit your favorite kitchen trend into your renovation or remodel. Stop in and let us show you around.

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