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8 Breathtaking Guest Bathroom Ideas

Guest bathrooms aren’t always the first thing on your mind when designing your home. You rarely use them yourself and, depending upon how often you have guests, it might not get used much at all. You might often wonder if they’re worth devoting the time and money to, but great guest bathroom designs leave positive impressions. 

The design of your entire home could be top tier, but if the guest bathroom is under par quality, you may lose the chance of impressing your visitors. Ensuring a positive stay for your guests means taking care of their needs and offering the most comfort. A beautiful, well-stocked guest bathroom is part of being a great host. 

Here are a few ideas to consider when designing and decorating your guest bath. 

5 Essentials for Bathroom Design

When deciding on designs for the bathroom, there are several things that should be considered during any remodel or renovation:

1. Decor

Decor is the personality you give to the bathroom. For example, if your bathroom has a beach theme, you may decorate the area with seashells and ocean paintings. Decor mainly include the following:

  • Wallpaper
  • Artwork
  • The shower door or curtain
  • Ornate towel racks (or the towels themselves)
  • Unique soap dispenser
  • Hampers
  • Houseplants 

You may choose to match this room to the theme of the rest of your house, whether that’s rustic, classic, Mediterranean, or anything else.

2. Color

Dark or light, bright or subdued, you have endless options when it comes to choosing colors for your bathroom.

3. Walls

Removable wallpaper makes it easy to play with unique designs and bright colors without a long-term commitment (and painstaking removal). Tile walls are growing in popularity. You could also simply paint or use bead-board strips.

4. Lighting

Overnight guests and brunch visitors alike may need the bathroom to get ready or check their appearance. Good lighting is vital for the guests to prepare for the day, looking their best. Windows allow for natural light; if that’s not an option, make sure you light the vanity and mirror so your visitors can shave, check their teeth, do their hair, or apply makeup.

5. Flooring

Bathroom floors see a lot of moisture, so installing tiles is the best choice. Non-porous ceramic or porcelain requires less maintenance than natural stone. You have nearly endless options in terms of color and design, so choosing your tile comes down to personal preference as well as practical considerations like grout, maintenance, and how slippery it may be when wet.

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8 Guest Bathroom Designs to Impress Your Guests 

Think about your favorite design ideas as well as how each theme fits with the rest of your home. These are eight of the most popular and successful designs of modern times. 

1. Total Luxury

Create a spa-like experience for your guests with a bathroom that caters to relaxation and comfort. A soaking tub or jacuzzi and an oversized walk-in shower set the tone, while marble countertops — and even marble walls or floors — make the space feel like it was straight out of a movie star’s mansion. Consider heated floors or a fireplace to create a warm, cozy space; a posh seating area and chandelier add elegance.

While the toilet is a practical consideration, you can upgrade that must-have with a heated seat, remote controls, or a bidet, or choose a toilet with an unusual shape to match a modern luxury design.

2. Mysterious and Dark

Many people think of light colors when they think of bathrooms, but dark earth tones, navy, and even black can create a beautiful, profound theme for your guest bathroom. Paired with sleek fixtures, you create a modern urban vibe, and you could even add a touch of warmth by decorating the room with soft rugs, towels, or whimsical decor.

Playing with color is a budget-friendly way to upgrade your bathroom. You can go dark without changing much else, or you could do a complete remodel to a dark luxury bath.

3. Country Farmhouse

A country farmhouse theme gives visitors a friendly and fun feel to the stay. A wooden toilet seat, a shaker-style vanity, and floral wallpaper are commonly used in this design style. You don’t have to go to extremes to bring the farmhouse to life in your guest bathroom, but you could add any of the following: 

  • A wooden floor
  • Exposed brick
  • Concrete
  • Antique fixtures
  • Worn wood or metal

You might also go with exposed piping to play up the rustic look.

4. Clean and Minimalist

Minimal doesn’t mean boring! Bring in fewer decorative items, but make the basics stand out. A unique floor, beautiful countertop, or an unusual feature, like a square bathtub, helps you maintain the clean lines you love about the modern minimalist style without making it look like you didn’t give your guest bathroom a second thought.

5. Black and White

Black and white conveys calmness and sophistication. It’s anything but basic, and you have so many options when incorporating floor tiles, walls, tubs, sinks, and bath decor. You can mix and match to create a room to remember. Several ideas for this style include:

  • Black cabinets
  • White quartz countertops
  • Black and white checkered tile floors
  • Striped walls

An interior designer will be able to provide years of expertise to help you bring this particular style to life.

6. All Natural Zen

Use large windows to embrace your natural surroundings, whether you’re in the woods or you want to gaze over the ocean as you soak in your clawfoot tub. Bring the outdoors in with some houseplants and the use of natural stone, glass, and a rainfall shower-head.

7. Industrial

Think glass and metal: steel, brass, and more to create beautiful accents around the glass walk-in shower or the freestanding copper bathtub. You can also consider the following for you industrial style space:

  • Polished concrete for the floor or to top the vanity
  • Trough or pedestal sink
  • White subway tile is a popular choice 

Colors and metals are key here, and the right blend will be eye-catching.

8. Old World

Classy and elegant, the old world style will leave your guests in awe. Start with the oversized soaking tub or pedestal sink, then go big with mosaic tile, a tub canopy, ornate mirrors, and other European-inspired design elements. You’ll create a guest bathroom that rivals your master bath!

There are countless guest bathroom ideas and beautiful interior design inspirations for you to bring to your guest bathroom. Add some budget-friendly touches that follow your favorite theme, or plan for a complete bathroom remodel. Either way, you’re sure to keep your visitors more comfortable—and maybe even impress them a bit with your thoughtful, on-trend powder room!

Consult With Home Improvement Experts

Designing and remodeling any space is exciting but exhausting as well. You have to decide on so many elements such as new counters, tile floors, and many more. When you consult with a home improvement expert, the remodeling process may become less of a headache. Contact A&S Home Interiors today to bring your bathroom ideas to life or if you have any interior home questions. 

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