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10 Top Trends in Kitchen Cabinetry Design for 2021

Since you are probably spending a lot of time at home this year, it’s an excellent opportunity for kitchen remodeling.

The centerpiece of any kitchen is the cabinetry. By combining functionality, ergonomics, and style, it’s easy to make your kitchen the most popular (and stylish) place in the entire house.  

Let’s look closer at the latest trends in the kitchen cabinetry design to help you make a smart choice.

Wood Is Making a Comeback

Wood for kitchen cabinets has been going in and out of style for many years.  While some designers use it regularly, many veer off course by adding other materials and colors.  In 2020, it’s making another glorious comeback. 

cabinetry design

Even if you want to opt for plastic or MDF (medium-density fiberboard), you can still bring some wood-inspired romance into the picture. Consider trimming your cabinets and pantries with wood while using warm and pale colors. Remember, dark wood is nice, but it’s a dirt magnet.

Bonus: Greige (mix of gray and beige) is the color of 2020. Blonde, honey, and gray work too.

Forget the Handles

Remember that smart advice about replacing handles and knobs to liven up your kitchen? The next word in cost-efficient remodeling is “handleless.” Simplicity has always been in style. By installing cabinets without handles, you are giving your kitchen a pristine, elegant, and streamlined appearance.

cabinetry design trends

Many integrated appliances look much better with the handleless cabinetry, creating an overall sleek feel for your kitchen.

  • If you have a sufficient budget, consider push-to-open technologies.
  • For a more cost-efficient option, look for recessed handles.

Bonus: The absence of handles makes your kitchen a safer place. Since there isn’t anything to catch your clothes or bump your head on.

Add a Larder

No matter how many kitchen cabinets you have, you always want more. The best way to create extra space without hanging another cabinet is to install a larder.  

Larders (food storage cupboards) have been around for many centuries. In 2020, they are making a comeback.

larder cabinets design

Think of a larder as an excellent addition to your cabinetry design. It can have the same style as the rest of the cabinets or stand out similarly to an appliance.

The main advantage of the larder is its storage capacity. You can free up some wall space and save money on extra cabinets.

Bonus: A larder creates a relaxed atmosphere in your kitchen, making it more appealing for comfortable mingling and fun time-spending. It’s great for open-plan living areas.

Keep it Open

Open shelving is a wonderful 2020 trend to consider. You can use the wall space to install several open shelves instead of cabinetry. You can use them to store small appliances, show off decorations, and create a farmhouse look many homeowners crave.

open shelves cabinetry

If you enjoy the trend of minimalism, open shelves are a way to go. Their only downside is the lack of storage space. However, you can fix that by taking advantage of the third trend on this list.

Bonus: Open shelves are much more cost-efficient than cabinetry. They are easier to clean too.

Look at Shaker-Style Cabinets

Shaker cabinets are popular for their classy and clean look. If you are remodeling your kitchen in 2020, they are definitely worth a second glance. These cabinets feature decorative edging and a recessed middle, giving your kitchen an elegant appearance.

shaker style cabinets design kitchen

While this cabinetry style comes in many colors, consider blue and gray. They are highly popular in 2020.

Bonus: Shaker cabinets are ageless. They are likely to be considered stylish for many years to come.  

Reconsider Asymmetry

If you love bold decisions, asymmetrical cabinets can add amazing style to your kitchen. Forget about making all of your cabinets the same size. Playing around with different width and height can help you put together a unique puzzle.

asymmetric kitchen cabinets

The popularity of asymmetrical cabinets isn’t going to wane any time soon. Creative decisions are always in demand.

Bonus: Asymmetrical cabinets can help you take full advantage of the wall space regardless of the height and width of other furniture and appliances.

Add Some Color

Packing a lot of color into kitchen cabinets may be too bold of a decision. However, adding a hint of color is always a good choice. If your entire kitchen is white or gray, you may want to consider making some cabinets blue (a popular 2020 color trend) or red.

red kitchen cabinets with black countertop

A few colorful touches can turn your kitchen into an elegant yet creative space.

Bonus: You can repaint these cabinets to enjoy a brand-new kitchen at any time.

Consider Two-Toned Cabinets

While putting a hint of color in unexpected places is creative, a conventional kitchen requires something less experimental. Two-toned cabinets are an excellent solution. Pick your favorite two colors (hint: one of them should probably be white) and alternate them to create a truly exceptional kitchen cabinetry design.

dula tone kitchen cabinets, white with blue

Bonus: Two-toned cabinets segment kitchen space visually to make it appear bigger. It’s an excellent solution for smaller kitchens.

Use the Extra Space

Did you know that your wall cabinets have plenty of unused space? This space is on top of them. Some people use it to add decorations. In 2020, you can dive into the open shelve trend. Consider this extra space as an opportunity to practice open shelving and take full advantage of its functionality.

white kitchen cabinets

Bonus: Put baskets on top of the kitchen cabinets to use the storage space to its fullest capacity.

Conceal the Kitchen

If you are a fan of open-plan spaces, you may want to take full advantage of the concealment option. By using a clever set of doors, it’s possible to conceal cabinets as well as worktops and appliances.

grey minimalistic kitchen

What you’ll get is pure minimalism coupled with clever daily transformations. This trend has been gaining momentum for the past several years because it’s innovative, smart, and 100% unusual.

Bonus: By concealing work surfaces and cabinets, you can minimize cleaning and maintenance.

Your Kitchen Remodeling Project Starts Now

You can take advantage of one or several of these cabinetry design trends to get a good idea of what your new kitchen should look like. Cabinets are the face of your kitchen, so they are worth a lot of thought.

Are you ready to take the first steps toward a new kitchen? Get in touch with us or visit our Lorton, Virginia cabinet showroom to discuss your kitchen remodeling project today.

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