Five Trends in Tiles for 2021

If you’re kicking off a new tiling project, then you’ve come to the right place. There are five new trends in tile which are gaining steam and going to make your space look even more on-trend and luxurious. 

Some of them have practical reasons behind them and others are simply aesthetic shifts, but the overarching goal is to use tile to add color, pattern, and texture to your space. That means tile is no longer meant to fade into the background. And yes, you can pair a couple of these trends together for even more impact.

Hexagon Shape
Subway tiles ruled for a long time, but it looks like that era might finally be over. We’re not saying subway tiles are gone entirely, but we’re seeing six-sided hexagons appearing more often. There’s a softness to a hex tile that fits well with a modern approach to doing more at home and creating a comfortable oasis from the rest of the world.

Another reason hexagons are doing well is that the honeycomb pattern was a big hit in the mid-1900s, which means it’s key to mid-century modern style and that’s the hottest look around. But don’t worry, hex tiles don’t pigeonhole you; they work equally well in industrial, contemporary, and transitional styles—it just takes a little creativity when it comes to color and design.

What are your options when it comes to hex tiles? We have a large variety available—why not stop in and peruse what’s available? But to sum it up, we’re seeing just about every option you can imagine, from small one-inch hexagon tiles all the way up to large 12-inch ones. They come in different finishes, colors, patterns, and materials. There’s even an elongated hex tile that is almost a cross between a traditional hexagon and a subway tile, which we think is fantastic.

Big Tiles and Bathroom Walls
It’s big and bigger when it comes to bathroom tiles. Large-format tiles are a huge hit in the bathroom, and they’re being used for both floors and walls. 

Large-format tiles are bigger than the standard 12×12 with sizes up to 40×120. The best way to picture them is to think of luxury hotels where they’ve been a staple for quite some time. By covering a large expanse, they instantly add elegance and a spacious feel. They’re the perfect backdrop for a sleek, modern bathroom.

One of the best things about going with large format tiles in the bathroom is they’re practical. Fewer grout lines mean fewer spaces for bacteria to collect and thrive. Pair that with tiles that have been designed to resist bacteria and you’re diving into a new realm of practical décor.

Nature Meets Tile
We mentioned the home oasis, and it’s most evident when you look at the move to merge indoor and outdoor spaces. The drive to blend the inside of the home with the outside and create a customized Garden of Eden is clearly being propelled by large amounts of time in self-quarantine. Homeowners have gone beyond making do in their homes and are now looking to fully embrace all the space they have, inside and out.

A seamless approach to indoor and outdoor space requires similar color palettes, so Mother Nature gets to dictate a lot of the new color trends. Look for rich greens, bright floral tones, and tiles that look like wood.

Our favorite, and we think one of the freshest approaches to merging space, is the outdoor tile trend. Tile has advanced and there are now durable options that are suitable for outdoor and indoor spaces, instantly unifying the look and making seamlessness easier to accomplish. When you select outdoor-ready tile with nature-inspired colors, the effect is more profound and dramatic.

Terrazzo Adds Drama and Depth
Terrazzo is making a comeback in a big way. What is terrazzo? It has been used around the globe for thousands of years. Credit typically goes to Italy; Venetian workers would collect scraps of marble from work projects and put them in a clay mortar base in their own residences. 

Today’s terrazzo tiles are more closely related to a technique developed in the 1970s that uses epoxy rather than cement for a faster installation, more design flexibility, and longer life. And while terrazzo was traditionally a floor option, it has expanded and become a wall, countertop, and backsplash option. Not only that, but the look of terrazzo has become so trendy, it’s being used for fabrics and now is found on beds, shower curtains, and even clothing. Terrazzo is definitely a thing in homes right now and has earned the nickname “confetti for adults.”

Hand-Painted Artistry
Another approach to home décor involves bringing elegance and an old-world charm to your space through hand-painted artistry.

Tiles featuring intricate designs and vibrant colors are big in bathrooms and entrances, but you can take that a step further with hand-painted tiles. Vibrant colors, diverse patterns, customized elements all make hand-painted tiles a hot trend. These tiles can be bought in large quantities, or you can seek out an artisan and have them do a few customized pieces that are used as accents throughout your home. There’s a lot of flexibility going this route and it leads to unique results that turn your home into an artistic expression of your family.

Final Thoughts
The overarching trend in home décor is a bespoke space that reflects the homeowner’s personality and style, along with their lifestyle. People are putting more of themselves into their homes and making the most of their space. The idea of always keeping resale value in mind is finally over, and with that comes the freedom to love your space even more. This involves a lot of customized elements and the tile trends we’ve mentioned above are a fairly easy and definitely dramatic way to do that and set the chic stage for the rest of your spaces.

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